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    Deploy Technologies Inc., is a publicly traded company, listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under symbol DEP and on OTC Markets under symbol DPLY.
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    (1) Real-time Tracking Division (Implemented)

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Deploy Technolgies Inc. (DEP: CSE | DPLY:OTC)

Deploy Network Security

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Deploy is taking a revolutionary approach to network security and has in development a revolutionary security suite “DEPLOY SECURITY”, which is both proactive and punitive to would be hackers.

While the majority of security solutions, such as firewalls and antivirus products are developed “after the fact”, after a hack has been detected and analyse, DEPLOY SECURITY’s proprietary technology offers real-time security, which not only identifies breaches but facilitates the prosecution of intruders.

The product is scheduled to be released in 2016.

Hydraulic Weighing System

mid 3Deploy's patented InstaWeigh system is not just an hydraulic scale but an affordable fully customizable and scalable Fleet Data Management & Weigh System. InstaWeigh is designed to allow our customers to weigh cargo on the fly and manage cargo shipments and logistics.

Our proprietary fleet data terminals can be installed in any type of vehicle and equipment to monitor, capture, and transmit operational data. This data can be used for billing, administrative analysis, and service scheduling.

In a forklift loading environment, the data terminal is installed on the forklift along with hydraulic transducers. This configuration allows forklift operators to weigh loads during loading without having to travel to and from floor scales. In many cases, forklift operators mount and dismount their forklifts many times during a work day. This system reduces the risks of fatigue and injury. Overall, time and equipment wear is reduced, environmental benefits are increased, and workplace safety is enhanced.

Data collected is transmitted into the corporate database via a connected modem or WIFI module which reduces administrative manual data entry time.


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